Job Title: Freelance Mastodon Server Expert

Description: Are you a coding whiz with a passion for open-source technologies? Do you have extensive experience in building and maintaining Mastodon servers? Then HostRooster is the place for you! We are seeking a talented Mastodon server expert to join our flock of skilled freelancers and offer their services to clients seeking top-notch Mastodon server solutions.


  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other coding languages
  • Extensive experience in building and maintaining Mastodon servers
  • Strong understanding of open-source technologies and the Mastodon community
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail
  • Strong communication and project management skills

Required Tools:

  • A reliable computer and internet connection
  • A good understanding of cloud-based hosting platforms
  • Familiarity with Git and version control systems

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Managing customer inquiries and service requests
  • Creating and completing services for clients on HostRooster
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the Mastodon community
  • Ensuring timely delivery of high-quality services

Services Ideas:

  • Setting up a new Mastodon instance
  • Migrating an existing Mastodon instance to a new server
  • Providing ongoing maintenance and support for Mastodon servers
  • Customizing the look and feel of a Mastodon instance
  • Installing and configuring plugins and themes
  • Integrating Mastodon with other websites and platforms
  • Providing training and support for Mastodon administrators
  • Offering Mastodon server hosting and management services

About HostRooster: HostRooster is a vibrant marketplace for freelance services, much like the bustling marketplace at daybreak, filled with crowing roosters and the buzz of commerce. The name HostRooster reflects the company’s mission to provide a safe and nurturing environment for freelancers to showcase their skills and grow their businesses. Just as a rooster protects its flock from predators, HostRooster guards both buyers and sellers against attackers. Buyers can rest assured that they will only pay for completed services, while freelancers can trust that their hard-earned payments are held securely on account until they are paid.

Join the flock at HostRooster and let’s see where the journey takes us!


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